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Company Overview

Established in 1998, Aristo Kraft PJS is an international furniture company selling worldwide, both in the overseas and local market, where by some of our furniture products the ones with carvings are manually hand-made and hand-crafted.

Our factory founded by Mr. Uung Suryono, and currently actively managed by Mr. Bill Aristo Suryono, is located in Central Java, Jepara, Indonesia.

Producing various international quality standards furniture products, such as teak wood, pine, mahogany, oak, HPL, rotan, wood designs with metal and others, Aristo Kraft PJS exports its products worldwide especially to Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Oceania, United States and others.

(These includes, United Kingdom, Dubai, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and United States, and currently exploring further international market)

Gratefully to express that some of our design products were displayed in world class shops and hotels, such as Dubai Mall in United Arab Emirates, Harrods in London, Titanic Hotel and Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, and many others in the world.

While expanding in the local market, we have encountered several projects over the past years which are in Jakarta, Semarang, and Banyuwangi City.

As the furniture industry constantly revolutionized and its trend often changes rapidly, our production team and analysts generally often travel abroad attending international furniture exhibition such as in Birmingham (U.K), Shanghai (China), Singapore, and Dubai (U.A.E).